Frances McCarthy

Managing Partner, Pattinson & Brewer, London

Frances is Managing Partner and Head of Personal Injury at Pattinson & Brewer has been a leading light for the rights of injured people within the Trade Union Movement for over 25 years.

Her manner, determination and expert abilities would lead anyone to want to have 'her on your side' when fighting for justice. Frances has been described as 'inspirational' and 'a fighter', by both her clients and her peers.

Frances specialist areas include workplace accidents and occupational disease claims. She also has extensive experience handling injuries of maximum severity, fatalities, asbestos-related claims, clinical negligence cases and other areas of personal injury. Frances has also represented victims in most of the major disasters over recent years.

She has been described as 'robust and tough, but sensible' by her peers and she has worked with different charitable groups and other bodies to respond to Government proposals; giving much of her time to ensure the voice of the victim is heard and listened to.

Frances is a member of Unions 21 committee and a regular trainer and presenter for local union groups and TUC events.

She is a joint editor of Jordans' new Personal Injury book, a contributor to the 'Brown Book' Civil Procedure Rules and former editorial board member of the 'Journal for Personal Injury Law' (JPIL).

Frances is a past President of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), a former member of the Civil Justice Council; an accredited Senior Fellow of APIL.

Frances McCarthy
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T: 020 7653 3203 (DDI)
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