Our History

Pattinson & Brewer and Beecham Peacock are two of the UK’s most respected Trade Union law firms.

We have joined forces to bring together over 170 years’ experience of fighting for justice for working people.

Both of our firms, our lawyers and staff are utterly committed to representing ordinary working people – we never act for employers, big businesses or their insurance companies.

Our history dates back to 1890 and we have been at the forefront of fighting for working people since the very beginning. We were involved in the Taff Vale case which was rightly met with outrage across our Movement when the Courts ruled that Trade Unions could be liable for loss of profits to employers that were caused by taking strike action. We watched as affiliation from Trade Unions to the Labour Representation Committee increased from 350,000 in 1901 to 450,000 in 1902 and 850,000 in 1903, and were proud that this mass movement led to the creation of the Labour Party, which went on to pass the Trade Disputes Act 1906, overriding the ruling in Taff Vale and providing the foundation for the law on the right to strike.

We led the pre War charge to fight for justice for working people, taking on cases under the Workman's Compensation Act, pursuing many to the House of Lords. To this day we believe that having access to justice is a basic human right – and we are proud to fight alongside Trade Unions to defend it.

Ever since our firms were established we have pursued headline cases in many important areas, covering employment rights, industrial disease and injury claims.

We are 100% committed to the Labour & Trade Union movement, and we are proud of it.